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2018 AAUS Certification Program Renewals

Attention AAUS Instructors!  It is time for your annual AAUS-ITI Instructor Renewal.  Please note that this only applies to those programs who have chosen to participate in the voluntary certification card program. You should have already received a renewal package (paper and/or electronic) from ITI.  You must renew as an Instructor with International Training (ITI) to maintain status as an AAUS Instructor and be able to register and certify AAUS divers.


STEP 1-  AAUS Instructor Renewal

Paper renewal - Complete the Instructor Renewal Form linked here and submit the annual instructor renewal fee ($190) via mail.  You may have received a renewal package in the mail.  

Online renewal - If  you prefer to renew online at a reduced cost ($160) you may complete this process on the ITI website (www.tdisdi.com).  To do so, login to your Instructor Profile, and then choose ‘Tools’, ‘Renew Membership’ from the menu bar.  Complete the necessary information and submit the annual instructor renewal fee online with a credit card.  Online renewal fee increases after Dec. 15 ($190).


STEP 2-  AAUS Facility Renewal

AAUS Facilities- as an AAUS instructor you must submit a paper  Facility Renewal Form if you are the primary instructor/facility administrator at your AAUS facility.  A Facility Fee is not required for AAUS Facilities; you may indicate this in the payment field.  Submit this form via mail, fax, or scan and send as a pdf to (worldhq@tdisdi.com) with "AAUS Facility Renewal" in the subject line.  

NOTE- the online Facility Renewal process is not available to AAUS Facilities; AAUS Facilities that renew online will be charged a Facility Renewal Fee.  AAUS Facilities should instead complete the paper Facility Renewal Form as instructed above.  


STEP 3- SDI/TDI Facility Renewal

If you are an AAUS instructor and your Facility is also an SDI/TDI Training facility, you must submit a separate Facility Renewal Form for that SDI/TDI training facility, and a Facility Fee for that SDI/TDI facility. 


Specific questions regarding the annual renewal process or online interface should be directed to ITI.  General questions about the AAUS Certification Program should be directed to the AAUS Certification program coordinator (Chris Rigaud, crigaud@maine.edu) or the AAUS office (Heather Albright, aaus@disl.org).  


AAUS Certification Program

In 2013, AAUS partnered with International Training (ITI) to launch the AAUS Certification Program. This initiative represented nearly two years of communication and cooperation between AAUS and ITI. Under this program, AAUS Organizational Members and DSOs who choose to participate will be able to offer internationally recognized AAUS diver certifications through their OM/Facility training programs.

Program Benefits
Instructional Freedom/ Independence
  • Conduct AAUS Scientific Diver training programs using the AAUS Standards.
  • Reduce or eliminate ties to recreational training agencies.
  • Choose educational materials that meet your needs.

Industry Recognition

  • AAUS certifications are supported and recognized by ITI, an international training agency.
  • No need to issue ‘equivalent’ recreational certifications as proof of Scientific Diver training.
  • ITI and AAUS are currently working to make personal professional liability insurance specific to AAUS Scientific Diver training and certification available to AAUS Instructors.  
The program is open to any AAUS DSO or OM sanctioned instructor in active teaching status with their current training agency. Although participation in the Certification Program is voluntary, AAUS OMs and DSOs who wish to participate must adopt the most recent version of the AAUS Standards. A summary and rationale of the standards changes can be found here.  Additionally, instructors must:
• Maintain current contact information with AAUS.
• Pay applicable dues and any debts owed to AAUS.
• Maintain good health and fitness and current AAUS diving medical exam.
• Maintain status as an Active Scientific Diver according to AAUS Standards.
• Participate in an AAUS sponsored DSO/Instructor Orientation session or attend 2 AAUS symposia, every 5 years.
Instructor Registration- AAUS DSOs and Instructors already affiliated with ITI will pay no initial fee to have the AAUS rating added to their profile. Instructors affiliated with another agency who wish to offer AAUS certifications will pay an initial fee of $160 (2015).  Following initial registration, annual instructor fees will be ~$160 (2015). All instructor fees are payable directly to ITI.  AAUS Instructors who wish to crossover and become SDI/TDI Instructors should contact ITI-SDI/TDI directly; standard crossover fees will apply. 
Diver Registration- AAUS scientific diver registrations/certifications will cost $35 each and include a 1-yr membership in AAUS. Diver registration fees will be collected from the Instructor and paid directly to AAUS.
How to Participate
Step 1- Complete the AAUS Certification Facility application and Instructor application and submit to aaus@disl.org.
Step 2- Once approved as an AAUS Instructor, you will recieve login/register information to create a profile on the ITI website (www.tdisdi.com).
Step 3- Register/report AAUS trained divers on the ITI website, through the AAUS portal.
Step 4- Pay AAUS for individual diver certification cards. Cards sent to instructor after students register with AAUS.
Questions and Comments
Please direct all questions and comments regarding this program to the AAUS Certification Program forum.



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