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Membership Levels

  • Associate/ Student Member- Any person with an abiding interest in Scientific Diving may become an Associate or Student Member of the AAUS upon submission of a membership application and annual dues ($25 student, $35 associate).

  • Full Voting Member- To qualify as Full Voting Members, individuals must be Active Scientific Divers, submit a description of their scientific diving training/experience, provide a professional reference from another Full Member of the Academy, and pay annual dues. (Per AAUS policy, "Active Scientific Diver" is defined as sustained level of scientific diving activity over the past 2 years, equivalent to at least 12 dives annually; OR completion of a Scientific Diving Course that meets the minimum requirements of the AAUS.) Submission of application, with reference, and annual dues ($35) are required.

  • Full Non-Voting Member- Individuals who submit an application for membership and qualify as Full Voting Members but have their dues paid as members of a Diving Control Board will be awarded Full Non-Voting Membership. Upgrade to Full Voting status may be made upon submission of individual dues ($35).

  • Organizational Member- Any public or private research or educational organization/institution that engages in scientific diving may apply as an Organizational Member of AAUS. Additional information can be found on the Organizational Member Application and/or the Membership FAQ page. The Dive Control Board for an OM is granted individual memberships at no cost. Organizational annual dues are $500.

  • Organizational Member Representative- Organizational Members may designate two (2) individuals to represent their interests in AAUS business and elections. In order to vote, OM Reps must qualify as Full Voting Members of the Academy. It is in the best interests of the sponsoring OM to ensure that designated OM reps are qualified to vote. There is no cost for membership for OM representatives.

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